Printing the Reunion Book

I have used Blurb twice in the past.  If you want you can see the books that I have created here:

As you can see the books can be ordered in Soft or Hard Cover.  I think the printing quality has been quite high.

Recently Adobe released Lightroom 4 program.  I have worked with Lightroom extensively since the very first version was released.  One of the great new capabilities of Lightroom 4 is the ability to create Blurb books.  As a matter of fact the Hawaii book above was created using this software, and the overall experience and control was vastly superior to the software I used when making the "In Review - 2008" title.

How to digitize images...

To make rapid progress on assembling the pages of the book, I would like to ask everyone to supply digitized versions of images.  There are lots of ways to digitize Slides/Prints/Negatives, and I have two suggestions below.  In general the process is pretty painless and prices range from $0.30 to $0.50 per image depending on several factors.

The publisher we will be using to print these Reunion books suggests that images be at least 200 dpi.  Before you get all flustered this is not as complicated as that just sounded.  dpi is dots per inch.  In the final book, if you want the image to be 2 x 3 inches then you need to supply at least a 400 x 600 pixel image.  Most reputable scanning companies will have no problem meeting this specification.  

The format of the image you supply to me, can be just about anything.  JPG, TIF, J2K, DNG, PSD, are all acceptable.  Again, if you stick to the "norms" most scanning companies will have no problem complying to this specification.

Being a photography buff, I have never really had a need to use services to scan my images.  As a result I don't have personal experience with any of these companies.  What I have done, is to ask around the "office" a bit to find out what others have done, and can make these two recomendations based on that input.


While I have not personally used this service, a few of my colleagues at Adobe have and report good results.  The company is based on a simple idea, you send them your prized photos, they scan them and send the originals back to you.  You can see more details here:

They offer packing advice for your photos here. They offer a $1000 "safe handling" guarantee too.

Another plus is the fact that they can handle images in just about any format: prints, slides, negatives. 

The photo restoration services may also be helpful.

Ritz Photo

One advantage of Ritz is that they are likely to have a store front in your town.  They can handle prints, negatives, slides, and photo albums.

I have not used these guys either, but maybe others can comment on the results they have achieved.


There are likely to be a number of other digitizing services in your town that you may know of, any or all of these might be appropriate.  Feel free to post comments below to share the information you think others would find useful.